At Coloplast I was promoted as the face of design for the company. Functioning as storyteller both in internal and external media, creating awareness of the unique product features and the connection to the mind-set behind. During the company’s largest product launch ever I traveled around worldwide giving commercial speaks and product demonstrations.

I was responsible for formulating design award applications for Coloplast osomy care, which resulted in both The Engineers Welfare Award 2014 (Ingeniørens Velfærdspris), IF Design Award 2015 and Danish Design Award 2016.

Patent granded for the colour grey

Ingeniøren / The Engineer 2016

Link: Ingeniøren

Design and Innovation video

The thoughts behind the paradime shifting colour and material, Launch video for Coloplast SenSura Mio

Video: The innovation behind...

Coloplast Design, SenSura Mio concave

Innovation story & product presentation

Video / Concave ostomy device / Coloplast SenSura Mio Concave. 

Showing that design of ostomy products is much more than getting the colour right. Is all about understanding how to fit individual body-shapes and optimise the handling. I was working on this concept all the way from the early user studies to getting the very last details launced.


Design thinking, bruger centreret design, bruger drevet design

Design thinking / Article

By Jakob Bendix (in danish) / Do you dare to focus on humanity / Tør du satse på medmenneskelighed.

Article by Jakob Bendix

Danish Design Award, Coloplast Design Team, stomipose, stoma, ostomy, Sensura Mio

Danish Design Award

I recived the Dansh Design Award togther with the Coloplast Design Team in Copenhagen 2016 for SenSura Mio ostomy bag.

Link: Coloplast wins DDA

Danish Design Award

One pager. The "Invisible" ostomybag won Danish Design Award                                                                                    

Link: Fredensborg

Inform 2006

By Danish Designers / Print magasin for design professionals 

Design don´t just mean "fancy"