Jakob Bendix, pencil,

I love to develop attractive and visionary product designs with long lasting values by combining human insight, creative and illustrative skills, 3D modelling, prototyping and design thinking.

As senior Industrial Designer I master a holistic design approach, functioning as decision maker and bridge binder between end-users, clients, marketing, production and company strategy.

I have a brought experience from all phases of the design process and experience from hundreds of realised design projects. From explorative studies and idea generation, over UX analyses, prototyping, DFM (Design For Manufacture), patents, CMF (Colour Material Finish) and final detailing. Always linking every detail to the higher purpose, helping the users situation and understanding, and empowering business strategies with a consequent design DNA.

Through my 6 years in Coloplast I was promoted as the face of design for the company. Functioning as storyteller both in internal and external media, including speaks and product demonstration at the most important launches worldwide.

At the moment I work with sustainable design in wood materials and I would love to build on my career with more focus on sustainable product design.